Accounting 会计硕士


基本情况:潘同学,北京航空航天大学会计本科,GPA3.5TOEFL 104GMAT 710 

录取学校:University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign Master of Science in Accountancy

Personal Statement (maximum 1,500-word statement) 

Your statement should describe your reasons for pursuing the degree as well as your personal and professional goals. 

There is no room for adventure and excitement in your comfort zone. When I learned swimming, I just swam in the shallow waters by the riverside, unwilling to go deeper into the middle of the river. “Don’t stop! Keep swimming!” once my father required me to do so. Unwittingly, I arrived at the right center of the river, struggling to confront the stronger current. Suddenly, I realized it is my inner fear, not the outer danger that confined my potential. Ever since I became more enthusiastic to take risks and enjoyed a more exciting life. 

Stepping out of my comfort zone, I saw a larger world. My hometown Ganjiang is a small city. I used to spend most of my time in the little world, in which a single road connected my primary school and middle school. In 2008, I went to America, traveled around Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, New York and Washington, etc, and visited world-leading universities including Harvard, MIT and Columbia. Young as I was then, I was deeply shocked by the beautiful environment, diverse culture and dynamic life of these metropolises. This eye-opening experience ignited my passion to see the outside world. After that, I told myself to learn English well so as to pursue overseas study in the future.By diligent work, I made remarkable progress in English study and became the English class Representative who led others to learn English together. 

Moving out of my comfort zone, I grew into an all-around eveloped person. Since kindergarten, I showed noticeable artistic talents and kept learning piano and vocal music. By persistent endeavor, I excelled in various art performances, obtaining the National Level 10 Certificate of piano playing and Level 9 of vocal singing. Seeing in me a potential singer in the future, the teachers recommended me to pursue a music career. However, I wanted to make a breakthrough. Therefore, I chose a more intellectual-challenging major in college, which not only consolidated my knowledge ground but exposed me to a fascinating accounting world. In the winter of 2016, I interned at Deloitte as an auditor. There, I sorted the documents of the customer companies being audited in recent years and got a basic understanding on the development process of the companies from start-up to getting on the public, and relevant contract terms, corporation regulations, and shareholding structure, etc. Besides, I did voucher sampling, sent and received external confirmations and compiled a simple working paper. I also translated a whole auditing report into English. In leisure time, I watched how the manager and senior negotiate with customer companies and learned valuable communication skills. 

As a person fond of taking challenges, I experienced a quite different undergrad period from my peers. At Beihang University (BUAA), I initially entered the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, which provided basic courses on Chinese and Western History of Civilization, Artistic Appreciation, and Introduction to Economic, Management and Social Principles. Through one-year extensive study, I identified my true love for accounting and applied for a major transfer. The cost was to redo the freshman year. I restudied Advanced Mathematics, Linear Algebra, and Probability Statistics, which consolidated my mathematical foundation. Simultaneously, immersing in the cross-disciplinary knowledge of School of Economics and Management, I laid basic groundwork in economics, management, and accounting. Our Dean is a statistical specialist. In the Applied Statistics course she taught, I learned how to address practical problems via data analysis in real cases. As an engineering-featured university, BUAA got me access to courses on mechanical design, aeronautics and astronautics, and opportunities to do metalworking internships at manufacturing workshops, which gave me a unique background of engineering. 

My father admires the United States and the principles it stands for. In my childhood, he told me and my elder brother that America advocates a democratic and free society, and meanwhile plays an active role in maintaining the world’s peace and stability. All the time, he expected us to pursue overseas study in this advanced country, and widen our horizon in the melting pot of cultures. Now, my brother has successfully fulfilled his American dream after earning his master degree in England. My sister-in-law, the CFO of a public company who earned her Accounting degree in America, illustrated to me the promising future of accounting career by her personal example. Deeply influenced by my family members, I decided to pursue this master’s degree to grow into an international accounting talent. Coincidentally, through my past academic years, I found my inner passion towards accounting and made targeted preparation for a master’s degree.

Breaking out of my comfort zone is the primary way that I grow. To further unleash my potential and explore more possibilities, I turn to your reputed UIUC, a dynamic community full of opportunities and challenge. UIUC’s Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA) fits well my educational and personal needs. First of all, the MSA will lay me the academic foundation, including accounting theory, legal and taxation knowledge, and analytical tools, to succeed in accounting careers. Meanwhile, it prepares me for the CPA exam. Besides, the Enrichment Experience will offer me abundant opportunities to balance the development of my cultural, leadership and soft skills. I am eager to gain insights and practical advice shared by highly regarded business leaders in the professional business leadership development program. Moreover, the dynamic UIUC community presents me rich options of student activities, countless networking opportunities and diverse cultural events to facilitate my personal growth. Upon graduation, I wish to enter a Big Four Accounting Firm and thrive into its Senior Associate with enhanced hands-on skills and professional network; after 5 to 10 years, I will join a consulting company to make financial analysis and strategy to support investment decision-making; in the long run, I dream to start up my own consulting company to create value for more investment actions. While seeking for personal and professional growth, I will bring my cross- disciplinary background and multi-perspective mindset into your class, and contribute to your diverse community with my wide range of hobbies.

By 西柚答哥