Architecture 建筑学


基本情况:赵同学,UCB 建筑本科,GPA 3.635TOEFL N/AGRE 319 

录取学校:University of Pennsylvania Master of Architecture 

Personal Statement 

You must upload a personal statement, no more than 500 words long, describing your background, nterest in your field, and your academic and career objectives. Your personal statement should escribe your background, your interest in the field to which you are applying, and your academic and career objectives. You should be as specific as you can about the area in which you plan to study. If you are an MFAapplicant, you should include your ideas, as well as the stylistic and conceptual priorities for your work. 

Involves long hours in studios doing design is normal for me, and I often get too concentrated on the work that I forget about the tiredness. In order to gain design capability beyond textbooks, I work for my parents’ company, architectural design company in China and Feldman Architecture. Although I was new, but the architects actually consider my immature ideas in design. At Feldman, I involved from implementation, design, to management of projects clarified my understanding of the building industry. 

My experiences helped me to identify my academic interests and future career goals in early stages of college, and make me ahead of my classmates. However, it's not enough for my goal is to become a creative designer can imbue architecture with cultural rather than who is easily satisfied with finishing design projects. I believe that architecture is a type of artwork with functions, a well-developed building accommodates the needs and aesthetic standard of people while reflecting the culture and historical background of the locale. This prospect inspires me to focus on art culture and technology, and I hope to deepen my knowledge in these areas. 

I also interested in sustainable design. If the buildings where people live can save and recycle energy, everyone would benefit. Through advanced study, I hope to acquire knowledge on ways to conserve energy through design, such using natural light and wind power reasonably to minimize energy consumption according to its natural geographical location. Apart from using natural light to realize energy conservation in buildings, I also interested in make people feel happy by use of light in design. In graduate school, I hope to learn the use of various forms of light to make my design incredibly pleasing, I conduct research into the effect of light and shadow through different experiments to accumulate enough experience that I can maximize to enhance the acuity of my design. 

To search for answers to my questions, I have chosen to apply for admission to the University of Pennsylvania. The Master of Architecture program focuses on visual, studio, historical and technical, aspect of architecture is perfectly fit with my interest. The admission to the School of Design will be very competitive, and I confident to be a qualified candidate. My undergraduate courses are diverse, and the studio I chose helped me in surface design in architecture, especially in terms of adjusting indoor ventilation and sunlight. I'm in front of my class so that my library design was selected for the annual Circus Recognition at the College of Environmental Design, which involved professors, leading designers in the construction industry, landscape architects, and urban planning officers as reviewers for the projects. The current studio I am engaged in focuses on designing appropriate buildings according to research conducted in the construction site. These experiences have greatly promoted my ability to excel in graduate school.

By 西柚答哥