Civil Engineering 土木工程


基本情况:李同学,安徽建筑大学,建筑环境与能源工程,GPA3.65TOEFL 91, GRE 324 

录取学校:Purdue University, West Lafayette MS Civil Engineering 

My training experience in ENN Energy Holdings Limited (“ENN”) gave me positive influence for me arise the interest in renewable energy technologies. I participated in a 10- day “Energy Star” summer training at ENN, during which I had a deep understanding of Pan Energy Net. As a pioneer in promoting Pan Energy Net, ENN delivered various training programs on Pan Energy Net to us. Pan Energy Net is a highly integrated net of information network, energy network and Internet of Things, for distributing the energy within the region, in particular renewable energy, to use energy efficiently and intelligently. The concept of Pan Energy Net and related knowledge, innovation and prospect all fascinate me very much. I was told by the trainer of ENN during the training that Pan Energy Net is the future of energy development and the technologies involved are state-of-the-art, for example, Smart Energy Network and Distributed Energy Resources. We were encouraged to go to the USA for study as USA is leading in the research on these technologies and later come back to China to make our contributions to national energy undertakings. This experience gives me the momentum to work harder in exploring the new technologies for energy saving in future and also to prepare for the study in USA. 

I majored in Building Environment and Energy Engineering in my bachelor degree education, which mainly focuses on building energy and energy saving issues, in particular indoor environment and HVAC of buildings. I attach great importance to the energy consumption by air-conditioning of buildings as where there is anair-conditioner, there is energy consumption. As life is getting better, people set higher standards for living quality and also for air cleanliness. In future, people will set higher standards for environmental quality. I, as a student concentrating on the learning of HVAC, have a deep understanding on these aspects. I hope I can further study energy saving and new energy technology during the master degree education, so as to promote the development of green building, save energy and improve the living environment and living quality. 

I am planning to work for an energy-related company as R&D personnel after I complete the master degree education, and devote myself to exploring the technology for improving indoor environment, so as to minimize the energy consumption by buildings. I hope all my green uilding design proposals will be well received, and I intend to make green building universal across the country. I am also planning to take part in the Certified Equipment Engineer and LEED examinations after working for a period, and intend to establish my own green energy consulting company after I am prepared well both in knowledge and experience, to provide high-quality services for energy-saving. 

All these plans urge me to learn more new knowledge in USA. I will firstly focus on the research of Energy-efficient Buildings, especially HVAC and Indoor Environmental Quality. The purpose of our major is to create better indoor environment of buildings for more comfortable living quality. As air-conditioning system is the largest consumer of energy and nearly takes up a majority part of energy consumption by buildings, the biggest challenge for our major is energy consumption and our target is to make energy saving possible in future. I hope I can devote myself to improving the efficiency of energy utilization, minimize the energy consumption by air-conditioning system to reduce the energy consumption by buildings and also to create a more comfortable living environment to improve the living quality and sense of happiness. I am planning to take courses in relation to green buildings and energy consumption by buildings during my master degree education, and make a deep exploration in the research onair-conditioning system and the improvement of efficiency of energy utilization and indoor air quality, etc. 

I also anticipate mastering the knowledge of Sustainable and Green Engineering, in particular, the next generation of innovative energy technologies. I was aware of the importance of new energy technology during my special training at ENN. What we need to solve now is how to utilize energy in multiple levels and use clean energy. Currently, the major energy used in China is natural gas. It is hoped in future that progress will be made in the development of Pan Energy Net to improve the efficiency of energy utilization and save energy. I am planning to acquire knowledge about energy power and energy utilization to inspire my thinking during my master's degree education. I hope I can conduct a deeper exploration in energy source, multi-level utilization of energy, improvement of energy utilization rate and utilization of clean energy, etc.

Purdue University, West Lafayette is the university I am looking for in USA that can help me make the above study plan possible. Purdue University excels in engineering education and the researches on indoor environmental quality, HVAC and thermal control systems, indoor air quality and ventilation, solar heating and cooling systems, innovative renewable energy technologies in buildings and sustainable and green building design covered by the Architectural Engineering discipline of Lyles School of Civil Engineering are perfectly fit in for my background and interests. Moreover, the Center for High-Performance Buildings of Lyles School of Civil Engineering is the ideal place for me to conduct my research. All these combined make Purdue University the perfect university for me to foster the capability to actualize my goals. 

My study in Anhui Jianzhu University prepares me well for my further study in and application for Purdue University, West Lafayette. I had a systematic exploration in air- conditioning engineering during the bachelor degree education, including air-conditioning refrigeration technology, heating engineering, engineering thermodynamics and fluid supply network. I became an intern at Anhui Shenghui Mechanical & Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. during the summer of junior, and during that time I joined in the preparation work for the bidding for central air-conditioning system in the aspects of quantity calculation, cost budgeting, equipment listing and CAD drawing, and understood the air-conditioning proposal preparation and air-conditioning system design for a project. The quantity calculation is the most basic work and also the most important work, requiring both time and patience to prevent any error and have a clear understanding of drawings and good command of expertise to calculate the relevant quantities from the drawings for cost budgeting. This practice enhanced my ability to carry out field work related to air-conditioning. 

My study in Architecture Environment helps me acquire basic knowledge about outdoor environment of buildings, indoor air quality, thermal and humid environment of buildings and acoustic environment of buildings and a deep understanding of building environment, which also raises my interest in the improvement of building environment. As the living standard is improved, a higher standard is set on building environment. Therefore, we need to focus on not only the outdoor environment of a building, but also the temperature, humidity, airflow velocity and cleanness of indoor environment of a building. It is necessary to minimize the energy consumption to achieve sustainable green development while improving the indoor environment of a building. 

I understand the law of heat transfer caused by temperature difference through my study in Heat Transfer Theory and know that there are three basic ways for heat transfer: heat conduction, convection and radiation. I am also aware of the importance of Heat Transfer Theory in daily life and further study. Heat Transfer Theory is one of basic courses of our major, and is also covered in the professional courses and curriculum design later. For example, the heat transfer of building envelope is very important for analyzing the air- conditioning system. These professional courses prepare sufficient knowledge for future study and research.

By 西柚答哥