Computer Science 计算机科学


基本情况:景同学,北京邮电大学,计算机智能与科学,GPA2.55TOEFL 90GRE 308 

录取学校:Wake Forest University MS in Computer Science (全奖$48364 美金

My interest in Computer Science goes back to high school. In 2009, I competed in the China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Contest. My entry was a laser-fiber referee system for a volleyball court to judge if a ball was in/out of play. The design won excellent feedback from the judges, all renowned scientist and inventors. This experience let me to choose Computer Science in university. 

After high school, I attended Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and majored in Intelligence Science and Technology. Since then, I absorbed knowledge of professional courses in as much depth as possible. Pattern Analysis provided me with the access to Artificial Intelligence, and ignited my interest in the field. Machine Learning taught me how to build a machine that could acquire knowledge automatically. Natural Language Processing and Understanding allowed me to learn a plenty of theories and approaches which could be used to keep efficient communication between human being and computer. Through learning these courses, my passion towards Computer Science has grown stronger and stronger. I can’t wait to dig into this subject in more depth. 

Work Experience 

In February 2012, I was accepted by the China National Petroleum Corporation to work as an intern. Under the guidance of a direct supervisor, I was involved in the entire process of management and maintenance of user information. This let me see clearly how Computer Science is an indispensable part of commercial operations. Take Pattern Recognition for example; the decision tree method can be applied to detect potential problems in a website, establish a more credible and efficient supervision and diagnosis mechanism, and thus lessen the costs on website operators. 

However, because of the limited achievements in computer science in China, the nation’s enterprises have no option but to spend a large amount of money on buying advanced software from developed countries. In the same way, having no matching maintenance technology in China, enterprises have to invest capital for updating and further development. Thus, in the future, I aspire to be an engineer to develop domestic technologies and thus benefit China’s market. 

Research Experience 

To be an excellent computer engineer requires outstanding innovation ability, and I have worked hard to cultivate it. For instance, I was involved in the National College Student Intelligent Design Competition. With a team, I developed an Android-based Intelligent Personalized Clothing Management Applications. The system can score clothing choices and recommend the most suitable clothes for the users in accordance with their personal preferences. I used JAVAlanguage in Eclipse to design Android UI and BP neural network algorithm for empirical rule scoring module. To train the system, I score 1400 sets of clothing manually. At last, the 97% accuracy proved the excellent performance of my design. It won 2nd prize in the contest. Through this project, I have found my interest in Artificial Intelligence and also deepened my understanding about Machine Learning and JAVAprogramming language. 

From August 2012 to January 2013, I was honored to participate in the National Natural Science Fund research project, Fault Diagnosis in Train Bearings via Audio Scan, supervised by Doctor Chen Bin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. I took part in testing train bearings, data analysis and paper composition. I treated the experimental data with Matlab, and set the standard of defect classifications. In doing so I not only improved my proficiency in Matlab, but also realized the key attribute of a researcher - dedication and precision. 

To improve my programming ability, in my junior year, I led a group to focus on a project of developing a pedestrian flow statistic display system for our dining hall. We used a camera to collect statistics of the people flow rate, and aimed to realize the system by image recognition. I was responsible for labor assignment and the programming and algorithm optimization of the visitor statistics module. It was difficult because the video stream was successive and continuous, and the detection and segmentation needed to be calculated in every frame of the specific motion area. But through continuous efforts and exploring techniques of identification algorithm and detecting algorithm for skin color, I finally made a breakthrough on recognition rate. To achieve this, I spent a month tudying Learning OpenCv Chinese Version and integrated that knowledge with Pattern analysis. I also enhanced my skill in C++ programming at the same time. 

The whole project is still in progress, but the section I finished has already been put into service, and has exerted an influence on campus people flow. I have gained a lot in this program, but I also met confusion. For example, the scope of the camera, which is over the door of the dining hall, has limitations. To broaden the detection scope, we have to join two or more video images - but this lowers the system’s accuracy. I am unsure at present how to solve this and hence I am eager to deepen my study in future to solve this problem. 

Future Goals & Interests 

Through internship and research, I have seen how high quality of life and rapid development of enterprises and economy can be driven by advances in Computer Science. I have also become clear about my own lack of advanced professional knowledge. But computer development and application is limited in China too, and that is why I feel I need to do further research in America rather than China. Wake Forest University has had an illustrious history of educational excellence since its founding in 1834. I believe the Computer Science program at your university will broaden my scope and update my computer skills. Through the research experience, I hope to become an outstanding computer engineer and make the breakthroughs that will help my country develop. 

I am interested in Artificial Intelligence, especially Machine Learning. My past research and studies have enabled me to undertake solid academic preparation for learning this. And I have also cultivated a research attitude of diligence and preciseness through these experiences. I am sure these preparations will exert a positive influence on my graduate study. Moreover, as an international student, I can contribute to your diversity, and I believe connections between different cultures can foster marvelous innovations. Studying at Wake Forest University would be excellent preparation for me to realize my dreams and I am looking forward to joining your program.

By 西柚答哥