Communication 传媒学/传播学


基本情况:雷同学,对外经贸大学,工商管理,GPA 3.2,TOEFL 102,GRE 314

录取学校:Northwestern University Master of Science in Communication

After one year’s working experience in Business Development, I reconsidered my career development. In work, I handled affairs about corporate communication, public relation and business negotiation, which intrigued my interest in communication and aspiration to join an international environment. In future, I expect to work in a multi-national enterprise to solve problems about global culture, media, corporate communication and business negotiation. 

According to my goal, I would like to strengthen my ability in culture, communication and media in Northwestern University by pursue the MS in Communication program. Specifically, I want to learn how multi-national enterprises make communication strategy in different countries, market promotion, foreign customer management and sustainable business development to enhance their competitiveness in global environment. Based on my business and marketing background, I found that by combining marketing with communication, the promotion effects can be maximized. The core of promotion in global environment is cross-cultural communication strategy to let consumers understand the culture of the enterprise. I also want to learn how cultures facilitate management in a cross-cultural environment as well as media communication in global environment. The MS Communication program in Northwestern University fits my goal well. 

My background can support me to pursue further education and fulfill my dream. Being majored in Business Administration in undergraduate stage, I earned an all-around academic training, including marketing, management, and human recourses. These experiences gave me a good mastery of business promotion and workforce constitution. Interestingly, communication has played a core role in all these areas because it covers the entire process of information collection, management, integration and output. As the study progressed, I devoted more time in communication study such as corporate communication, cross-culture communication and management of cross-culture communication. 

Due to my rich experience in event planning, I obtained the internship at WEPLUS and worked as a business manager after graduation. I succeeded in organizing several events such as a Halloween party for 200 participants, and more than 50 different theme events at WEPLUS co-working space. I was also a supporting role in events concerning enterprise culture such as a lecture in which over 40 HR managers from varied enterprises shared their thoughts and a salon on dress code for workplace people. These experiences inspired me in forming my own toolkits in work. Firstly, it is important to work with a comprehensive-perspective. Before starting a project, I make detailed plans, taking into consideration of site layout, possible scenes in event, budget control, personnel ratio etc. Moreover, I developed strong skills in team management. For instance, when allotting assignments, I talked more about how members would exercise their capabilities instead of ‘working for me’ (Psychological Egoism). I informed them about workload and why they were chosen to do it (Pygmalion Effect). In such ways, my team always stood out with better performance. Those experiences have sharpened my planning and leadership skill, moreover, raise my enthusiasm in combine communication, culture and media in business promotion. 

I anticipate joining your Master’s in Communication program to get enough training in communication, business, research and practice to actualize my goals. The opportunities interacting with peers having diversified backgrounds also benefit with my global awareness.

By 西柚答哥