Data Analytics 数据分析


基本情况:郭同学, Pepperdine University, Integrated Marketing Communications, GPA 3.66, TOEFL N/A, GRE 318 

录取学校:University of Pennsylvania M.S.Ed. SMART(Master of Science in Education in Statistics, Measurement, Assessment, and Research Technology) 

A statement of purpose is required for all applicants. This is your opportunity to address your academic, personal, and professional goals and aspirations. It should reference relevant examples from your background and highlight your character and accomplishments. 


• In 750 words or less, address the factors that have encouraged you to seek an education from Penn GSE. You may also wish to address your background, significant personal and professional experiences related to your program of study, important aspects of your academic record and your professional goals upon completion of your desired program. See exceptions below. 

• If you are applying to multiple programs, tailor each statement of purpose to the individual program. 

My jobs in the last year is just use statistical and computer methods in data analysis work for an educational company named Twinn Palms Inc., I am responsible for analyzing data to create tailored marketing campaigns for the recruitment of host families, among other technical works. All these experience inspire me a goal of peruse a graduate degree in quantitative analysis and better be in an educational school. 

My thinking about this motivated me apply for the SMART Master in the Penn Graduate School of Education. What interests me in study in your graduate school are skills in data collection, management, and processing, and statistical analysis and reporting provides by your SMART Master. Because I hope to find more commercial value form educational customer data through technical analysis and then help employees better understand what the data means. I plan to conduct research on data management systems to improve our company’s efficiency and eventually develop a new system for our company’s host family management division. I will also be able to serve as a dependable liaison on data management issues between my company’s U.S. and Chinese teams. In the long term, I am interested in focusing more on commercial use of Educational ITTechnologies. 

Once in work I found that despite the fact that the number of students and host families was increasing, the attrition rate was also increasing. After analyzing the data of the new host families and returning host families, new students and returning students, I found that Florida exhibited the highest attrition rate. I was not able to find the reason for this through the data available, yet this problem was negatively influencing the sales and brand of the company. In response, another business analyst and I went to the schools in Florida, consulted the conditions of our international students in each grade, and gathered data. After running the statistics on the feedback, we found that the main reason for the problem was that one school’s international student coordinator make serious mistakes and leading to the negative evaluations of both students and host families and thus attrition. After providing feedback on these problems, the attrition rate of Florida decreased at the beginning of the spring term in 2017. By using data, we found a problem, and then had to search for additional data to identify the root cause; without the initial data analysis, however, it would have taken much longer to narrow down the topic for further investigation and find a solution. Through these works I realized the value of statistical methods for data analytics. I also have helped Twinn Palms grow with my skills, by undertaking new data analysis projects and pioneering the company's work in online marketing, which led to 5% growth in eligible host family sign-ups. And, Twinn Palms Inc. is willing to fund my education in data analytics master’s to expand the contributions I can make for our company. 

All my experiences, like switching my major, taking internships and work in marketing analytics position, have led me to learn more about methods use for educational company. I studied Media Technology at Michigan State University for two years and learned how it could be used to present business ideas. After I transferred to Pepperdine University, I studied Integrated Marketing Communications to further learn how to develop business strategies, and did a minor in Computer Science since it very helpful in executing business strategy. Apart from academic training in calculus and statistics, I also have good performance in core computer courses such as formal methods, discrete structures, data structures and programming paradigms, as well as C++ and JAVA. 

I have already accumulated experiences in applying statistical methods to business and advertising and using different ways to visualize data, which makes me confident that I can be successful in Analytics. For instance, I used Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign to turn tedious facts and figures into lively information. With my knowledge of business strategy, marketing strategy and advertising planning, I can not only use mathematical and statistical methods to analyze data, but also can connect the problems presented by the data to a company’s or a brand’s development. An example of this was when I identified the changes in one year of sales data and compared it to the company’s various promotional methods, tests, or products to understand the root cause of the change. As a result, the data analysis practically reflected the company’s problems instead of remaining at the theoretical level. 

My studies of IMC major and CS minor also taught me to be creative and to see things from multiple perspectives. When I launched advertising projects, I took user interface, information structure, processing structure/time and other aspects into consideration, so as to make our products both imaginative and memorable. Also, when taking charge of technical work, like writing programs for our website or app, I always tried my best to enhance the aesthetic level of the application to ensure the effectiveness of transmitting information as well as keep my code simpler and more efficient. Each step has featured the use of technology to execute strategy, and I would like to take this a step further with a SMART master in the University of Pennsylvania, I wish to make contribution to your program and get uccess in the future.

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