Engineering Management 工程管理


基本情况:张同学,北京邮电大学,电子工程,GPA 3.68,TOEFL 101,GRE 326 

录取学校:Johns Hopkins University Master of Science in Engineering Management 

I often think about how to make production, especially in Manufacturing, more efficiently. Based on my strength in communication, organization, management and self-regulation, I have carried out lots of attempts to improve the efficiency of technicians. Actually, I have trengthened my knowledge of Organizational Behavior through arranging diverse group activities. For instance, as the president of our college students’ union, I organized orientation, traveling and picnics, and other activities among the freshmen to mobilize their passion for life and then their enthusiasm for study. Also, being skilled in cooking, I often gathered my classmates and cooked meals together, to bring us closer and consolidate our relationships. I believe that highlighting human’s social attribute is of great significance to increase a team’s or an organization’s study and work efficiency. During summer vacations, I also leaded peers to participate in social practice to promote our awareness of social responsibility. All my efforts are well paid off with building up an active and engaging environment among my peers. 

My experiences and attempts also stimulated my interest in management, particularly in the management of technology. The studies of Modern Shipbuilding Engineering and Offshore Platform Design courses developed my interest in engineering management. On the Modern Shipbuilding Engineering classes, I familiarized myself with the concepts and implementation of engineering project and the contents of engineering management in various sections, like the project bidding, design, evaluation, construction and quality examination. And I also got exposed to the management approaches and procedures in shipbuilding engineering, bridge engineering and railway engineering. Besides, on the Offshore Platform Design classes, an interesting and yet demanding engineering management course, I grasped many useful analysis and computing methods in evaluating engineering projects’strength, life-span and reliability, such as the FOSM, JC, and Monte Carlo methods. 

The learning of these two courses nurtured my strength and interest in technical management, and enlightened me the significance of project management in production and technology development. The mastery of construction costs and finance knowledge can help to make more reasonable budget and save costs; the refinement of production process can increase the productivity and quality while the quality management will facilitate the production quality; having certain knowledge of organizational behavior can build a more passionate and stronger team; and the technical management and project management can further enhance the production efficiency. 

What I like to learn more is Project Management, which is the most critical part of the implementation of an engineering project. Besides from taking related courses, I have taken several internships in railway construction company and shipyards, which strengthened my interest in project management. When I interned at the Chengdu-Guiyang High Speed Railway project, I acted as the assistant for the project manager andacquired in-depth understanding of the large-scale engineering project management. In the early phase of the project, I learned the responsibilities of all sections of the construction company, the work process and the technological points. I also assisted the manager’s coordination of people, place, time and materials, and made daily record of work process and computed work efficiency to make the optimal allocation scheme. Through the project, I learned the specific construction process and operations, and more importantly, I got more exposure to the limitation of engineer or technician. The completion of an engineering project needs knowledge in fields more than engineering. Problems like the planning of place, allocation of people, time cost and engineering budget, shall all be considered.This projectstimulates me to acquire more knowledge of project management. 

Risk Management is another field that I aspire to spend efforts on mastering. Courses like Offshore Platform Design and Offshore Platform Structure and Strength that I have taken during my undergraduate study are closely related with the risk assessment of projects in engineering management. The Offshore Platform Structure and Strength course integrated the knowledge of materials mechanics, structure mechanics and theoretical mechanics, and guided us to learn and compute the strength of varied structures, to analyze multiple failure modes like strain, collapse and buckling. Through those practices, I realized the importance of risk assessment in completing engineering projects, and also motivated me to master more knowledge of risk management. 

Realizing the significance of engineering management in the application and innovation of technology, as well as my strong point in mobilizing team members’ passion, I adjust my career plan and hope to join in the field of engineering management. The technical high speed development promotes the improvement of engineering projects’ precision and odernization, which starts to demand more accurate and elaborate assessment of projects, including quotation, bidding and risk evaluation. I will work to be a senior project manager in a top-notch enterprise, being capable of performing comprehensive evaluation of engineering projects. After equipping myself with abundant professional experience, I want to focus my work on providing management consulting services, and hope to start my own consulting company. Understanding that such kind of job requires us to have an interdisciplinary background and excel in the management of technology, I aspire to pursue a master’s degree in engineering management, obtaining the systematical study of technical management while utilizing the practices to temper my leadership and management skills. The completion of engineering management study at your university will be the strong support for me to launch a career in technical management. 

For the study of your program, I have made a good preparation. Throughout undergraduate study of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, I have built up a sound engineering background and a good mastery of mechanics analysis methods and computer-aided calculation. Meanwhile, I have taken full advantage of research experience and internships to extend both my engineering and project management knowledge. 

The experience of leading my team to apply for a patent demonstrates my research ability as well as my resolution to solve problems. I teamed up with my classmate and spent two years on accomplishing the project of designing the balloon-pump autonomous surface sediment sampler, and eventually obtained a patent and made a sampler prototype. The research process was full of difficulties, but we worked out all of them through joint effort. Our project involved in using Anasys, SolidWorks, Single Chip Microcomputer and IAR programming. At first, my programming codes often couldn’t work, but in order to find the errors, I conscientiously ran each and every line and wrote down the logic errors and deviant language, as well as studied the profiles and performed rough treatment of data accuracy. Through the project, not only did my programming ability get improved, but also my perseverance facing the difficulties and my sense of responsibility and executive ability were cultivated, which I believe can facilitate my graduate study and research. 

My several internships in shipbuilding companies strengthen my interest and capability in engineering management. In the internship at the Chengxi Shipyard Co., Ltd., I used computer to perform the simulation of a whole ship design processes, from learning customers’ needs to putting the ship in the water and making outfitting, and also used Fastcam to conduct nesting to realize the efficient utilization of steel materials. Those practices enlightened me the significance of engineering management in the application of new technology as well as the realization of energy saving. Also, what I cherish most about my internship at the Tsuneishi Group (Zhoushan) Shipbuilding is my exposure to the modern project management in construction site design, safety management, time management and coordination among different departments. Their cultivation and efficient management of engineering teams indeed motivated me to keep enhancing both my technical and management skills. 

Having those valuable experiences and strong engineering background under my belt, I am confident that I am qualified for your program and will make full use of your resources to build up the strength to actualize my goals. Apart from the above experiences, what I can contribute to the diversity of your student body are my interpersonal skills and creativity in organizing activities to unite teams and complete tasks in a timely and efficient manner. So I expect to join your program to interact with faculties and peers from diversified education and culture backgrounds, to bring into full play my soft skills as well as to jointly explore the most efficient ways to promote technical management. 

By 西柚答哥