Human Resource & Labor Relations 人力资源/工业劳动关系


基本情况:苏同学,UC San Diego,B.S. Applied Mathematics & B.A. Economics,GPA 3.2+3.59,TOEFL N/A,GRE 321 ;

录取学校:Cornell University Master of Industrial and Labor Relations 

I am a challenging loving girl. I earned a bachelor degree in June 2012 from the University of International Business and Economics - Best Business University in China, with a major in Business English (Management Orientation). In this major, I took the main courses in Human Resource Management, Practice in Business Communication, Sociology and etc. 

Based on my undergraduate study, my interests and experiences of campus leadership developments and internships as showed in my resume, I chose the challenging Human Resource Consultancy as my profession and started my career as an Associate Consultant in Michael Page International, world leading middle-level recruitment consultancy globally. In the first 6 months, I was quickly promoted to be the youngest Consultant. After one year’s work in Michael Page, I followed my Manager to join Robert Walters International, which is the largest international headhunter in China. In the initial half year, I remained in the TOP 3 Billers in mainland China and ranked first place in North China. Due to my excellent performance, I was quickly promoted to be Senior Consultant within one year. As the youngest Senior Consultant in the history of Robert Walters, I led a team of three consultants, responsible for Sales Function recruitment for nearly 100 multinational clients based in North China. So far, I continuously received honors namely Star Member and Prize awarded by the Managing Director in both companies every year. Last year, I finished a report on Salary Survey China for the industry of Fast Moving Consumer Goods. 

When recalling these experiences, I think it’s my challenging spirit that resulted in my good work performance. The achievements from work make me believe that I have the interest, talent, passion and competency to do well in Headhunting Consultancy. However, the intense work also presented me challenges, difficulties and concerns. With limited professional knowledge and theory of human resource, it’s hard for me to advise clients most professionally and efficiently, and I noticed there are complaints from clients about a common phenomenon of this industry of lacking professional talents. In addition, headhunter consultancy is a unique and immature industry in China at this moment, demanding professionals with international vision and higher education background. Those factors inspired me that I need to explore further graduate-level learning of human resource management to fill my knowledge gap and it is the right time for me to do a systematic study. The Master program of Industrial and Labor Relations (MILR) at Cornell University ranks No.1 worldwide. Therefore, I decided to pursue my graduate opportunity at Cornell, and I believe I am an excellent match for this MILR program. 

Due to my undergraduate and working experience, I have academic interests in the following areas: 

I. Intercultural Communication & Human Resource Management: 

There is a trend for local multinational companies to hire foreigners. I met several cases to place foreign candidates to local enterprises, especially to some Non-profit organizations (NGOs) due to their special demanding. The culture conflict appears to influence human resource management process. Therefore, I want to learn Diversity and Inclusion, Fair Employment Practice to help me advise foreign candidates and their employers to solve the cross culture obstacles and issues. The study of communication between members of different cultural groups (including linguistic, social, racial, national, gender, and other groupings) can improve my knowledge and experience in this part. 

II. Marketing and Human Resource Management: 

I want to study the application of marketing technology in human resources and the establishment of “recruitment branding". In fact, my daily headhunting job is a form of marketing. I need to market “recruitment position” as a product to candidates. Meanwhile, based on my observation, it is challenging for enterprises to meet the demand of internal personnel by the market supply of external talents. These present the needs of developing the Human Resource Branding and the Employment Marketing. Improving this interest area will help me deliver better suggestions to my clients and manage my own headhunting employer. 

III. Human Resource Management in Public & Non-profit Organization: 

I was in charge of recruitment cases for UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) and for UK-based Climate Parliament in 2013. In China, for NGOs, the employment standards and candidate pools are far from well-established, and the talent market lacks a full understanding of this special industry. A survey conducted by a Business School indicates that more and more NGOs are setting up offices in China with the needs of hiring professionals. However, it shows difficulties to find suitable candidates to work for them, and NGOs’ demission rate is higher than 40%. As far as I know, no headhunter agency explore this particular market needs. I hope that, in the future, I can build a bridge between organization and talent market. Hence, I want to explore the knowledge on human resource management of public and NGOs in the United States as well as other developed countries, especially knowledge on employment development and ompensation design. 

As for my Professional goal, I intend for headhunting consultancy to be my lifelong career. With my previous accumulating experiences in the two world famous headhunting companies, after studying in Cornell, I want to join one of top executive-level headhunting onsultancies. With practices, I hope to be promoted to a senior management position later. In the long run, I would like to start up a boutique headhunting firm. I hope this firm will provide specialized and customized personnel service for clients, especially for China’s Public and NGOs. 

Cornell’s MILR program seems “tailor-made” for me after carefully reviewing the curriculum structure and first-class expertise. I am thrill to see the chance to pursue synthetic study in my interest areas. My working experiences, academic interests, professional objectives and challenging loving personality shape me an excellent candidate for this program. And your program is definitely a key step in my life and will help to accelerate my career progression.

By 西柚答哥