Public Health 公共卫生


基本情况:张同学, UC San Diego, B.S. Biochemistry and Cell Biology+B.S.Management, GPA 3.64, TOEFL 103, GRE 330 

录取学校:Brown University Master's in Biostatistics 

SOPHAS Statement of Purpose and Objectives 

Attending the American Society of Nephrology (Kidney Week 2015) in San Diego Convention Center gave me the valuable experience, it offered me a glance at the “dilemma” that numerous new technologies in either Europe or Asia until now can rarely pass the FDA test successfully in the US. Within this context, I am motivated to launch a career in biostatistics for health and pharmaceutical industry. 

I hope to concentrate my studies in the fields of clinical trials and data analysis. In order to provide more safe medical products for patient and customer, I desire to adopt the statistic tools to design more effective and efficient biological experiments during clinical trials. My short-term goal is to find a clinical trial assistant job in a pharmaceutical company, government agency, or hospital, responsible for testing new medications and medical devices. Five to seven years later, I aspire to become a clinical data manager in one of the Fortune Global 500 and engage myself in analyzing the results of medical research studies with advanced health care knowledge and proficient database management skills. While working, I will concentrate on minimizing the anthropogenic influences on clinical trial procedures and make the medication effects more accurate with better efficacy. 

My double majors in Biochemistry & Cell Biology and Management Science adding extensive professional practices within two disciplines can provide the staunchest support for my career pursuit. I am fluent in collecting, sorting and analyzing information and data with STATA during market surveys and the later taught me how to use Matlab to conduct matrix computation and carry out econometric estimations. With my keen interest in data analysis, I initiatively took the online course, R Programming, given by Professor Roger Peng from John Hopkins University. This course offered me an overview of the data, questions, and tools that data analysts work with and more important, how to use R for effective data analysis. 

In addition, with theoretical study in courses like Molecular Biology, and Organic Chemistry and Nutrition, I examined in detail the major underlying principles of biochemistry and cell biology. In particular, I appreciate the laboratory classes on biomedical science I’ve taken, which give a head start for future career goal. For example, in Biochemical Techniques (BIBC103), I have both acquired modern experimental techniques including ImageJ, PubMed, BLAST, CLUSTAL W, PDB 3D Modeling with Jmol, ExPASy-ProtParam, etc. While writing experiment reports, I also greatly involved in interpreting experimental data with graphical display and conducting statistical analysis to make quantitative decisions. Upon unremitting endeavors in laboratory setting, I became proficient in evaluating scientific data and applying scientific methods to formulate solutions. 

Inspired by my academic interests, I am determined to pursue the MPH program in Biostatistics at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I am captivated by the curriculum in biostatistical theory and methods, especially, the specialized training in modern data science techniques, which perfectly caters to my academic pursuit. By studying this program, I aim to strength my knowledge of biomedicine, biotechnology and health data science and enhance my competence in solving health care issues with the advanced statistical tools. Above all, I highly appreciate University of Michigan, Ann Arbor’s rich history of world-renowned research centers and desire to work with top- notch faculty in their forefront research in areas of Medicine, Public Health, and Biology. Besides, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor’s partnerships beyond campus also attract me strongly, which boost my confidence in achieving success in future. I will leverage this advantage and the various other resources provided by University of Michigan, Ann Arbor to find some internship opportunities. 

UM SPH Reflective Essay 

I am an active and motivated person who enjoys challenging myself and pushes myself beyond the limits of my capabilities. My goals to fulfill a career in the biostatistics for pharmaceutical and health industry and to contribute my strength to the development of more safe medical products, greatly inspire me to study biostatistics and earn a master’s degree from your university. 

In November 2015, I volunteered to work as a Booth Assistant in American Society of Nephrology (Kidney Week) at San Diego Convention Center. There, I was assigned to help the Chinese biotechnology company to introduce their hemoperfusion product to scientists from all parts of the world. With the advantage of my biology background, I could not only explain the product professionally, but also was capable of highlighting the key functions of the products with less academic details, closer to the common language in people’s lives. Moreover, I also helped the Chinese company to expedite the process of collecting data from ASN participants using software instead of tedious paperwork. This experience opened my sight to the broad range of application of biology in our daily life and inspired me to embark on a career allowing me to benefit people’s lives with both my biology and statistics knowledge. 

Apart from my academic ability, I also has good potential in research. It was worth mentioning that I initiatively completed a diet project on my own in spring 2016. My purpose of launching this project is to formulate a healthier diet solution for students who live under high academic pressure like me. I first reviewed extensive literature related to nutrition online to learn about the recommended values for each nutrient daily and the nutrition contents of the common food. Then, I spent a month recording and calculating my own nutrient consumption and intake every day. Through analyzing my diet pattern and comparing it with the recommended daily values, I developed my own personalized dietary guidelines that have helped me eat healthier and more professional than before. I also referred my diet project and planned my family’s diet based on their age and health conditions, which got favorable feedback from them. Through this experience, I was acutely aware of the fantastic tangible benefits the biostatistics could bring to our daily lives and aspire to learn more about it in future. 

I also actively participated in various activities that held by the Chinese Business Society. Through activities like panel discussions and networking events, I got more exposure to the demands of the real-world situations, which, in return, strengthened my determination to make a difference for the promotion and application of new technologies invented by Chinese scientists and engineers. Accomplishing the MPH program at UMich is the next challenge that I am ready for. I look forward to bringing some vitality to your community with my practices and meanwhile gaining the strength to fulfill both my short-term and long-term goals.

By 西柚答哥