Real Estate 房地产金融


基本情况:赵同学,UCB 建筑本科,GPA 3.635,TOEFL N/A,GRE 319 

录取学校:Columbia University MS Real Estate Development 

A personal statement is required for admission to each program (with the exception of Introduction to Architecture). In approximately 500 words, describe your background, past work in your intended field of study, and your plans for graduate study and professional career. 

Learning a multidisciplinary field is immensely fascinating and Architecture falls in this category. To be an outstanding architect, one must be able to master design, aesthetics, drawing technology, mathematics, engineering and business. The Bachelor of Art program at UC Berkeley enriched my understanding of architectural design. I choose the Studio track in my senior year to improve my drawing and modeling skills which are essential in the profession. Furthermore, UC Berkeley provided me with interdisciplinary education. The department pay more attention on the interaction of architecture, people and environment, inspired me the interest on sustainable design. The interdisciplinary approach also benefitted me during my internship in the real estate industry, especially as an intern in my family firm and at FeldmanArchitecture. 

But I encountered numerous problems such as the contradiction between demand and design, investments and benefits, and legal issues. These made me realize that I should not limit myself to the design of architecture, but also focus on customer needs and the implementation of design. My experiences prompted me to consider my career development in two directions, on the one hand excellent in design and on the other hand full of ability in commercial implementation of design projects. Therefore, I chose economics as my second degree to understanding the business problems in real estate and minor in urban planning to prepare me to better at sustainable design. 

I expect to continue my tradition of diversity learning in graduate school, to be specify, study about Real Estate to help me reach my goal of to be a leader in the industry. Given my background in design and urban planning, further education on real estate, I will have the ability. As a graduate student, I intend to gain expertise in the analysis of the real estate industry demand, such as the demand for high-end villa projects (which I am particularly interested in). I will base my trend analysis on architectural aesthetics, architectural function, and environment and geographical location planning. Moreover, I shall further explore the combination of architectural design with commercial development and business knowledge, such as investment and risk analysis. Similarly, I will examine leadership and entrepreneurship in the real estate industry. Besides continuing to improve my abilities in architectural design, I will strengthen my knowledge of these subjects so that I can be a qualified leader in an architectural design company and be equipped to establish my own business in the future. 

The diverse feature of your MS Real Estate Development program and the curriculums perfect fit with my interests and goals and would complement my current knowledge and experience. UC Berkeley has honed my creativity and design skills, allowing me to develop scores of innovative ideas. Additionally, my study of Urban Planning and Economics has cultivated my ability to analyze issues rationally and laid a foundation for my future study in real estate. Attending Columbia University will undoubtedly facilitate the achievement of my goals, and I look forward to make contribution to your program. 

By 西柚答哥